Clear Aligners / Invisalign / Invisible Braces

Clear Aligners / Invisalign / Invisible Braces

The use of clear aligners is an efficient method to straighten teeth and give them an ideal position, resulting in a new, much-improved look!

They are basically a set of smooth, comfortable, and removable lightweight trays, which you wear over your teeth. It gently shifts your teeth to achieve an ideal position and a new beautiful smile!

These aligners are custom made and there are no ugly wires or brackets. You can indulge in your favorite foods without any restrictions. Compared to traditional braces, this method is more comfortable, pain-free, and virtually invisible!

How long does Invisalign take?

A course of treatment with Invisalign takes about 12 months for most adults, although actual time will vary from person to person. However many people start seeing a difference in their teeth within two to three months of starting to use the aligners.

How painful is Invisalign?

Invisalign is less painful than metal braces, but that doesn’t mean that it is absolutely pain-free. Putting pressure on the teeth does causes some discomfort and pain. After a few days, however, the discomfort goes away.

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