Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

When there is an infection at the root of a tooth, that’s when you need a root canal treatment. In this process, the pulp that nestles inside the tooth needs to be disinfected and cleaned. The only difference between the regular cleaning and root canal treatment is the location of the cavity. The former is needed when it is somewhere in the middle or at the upper portion, and when it goes deep down and reaches the root, that’s when you need the latter.

How Important is the Root Canal Treatment?

When the cavity starts growing, it breaks the tissues or pulp and damages them a great deal. As a result, break down occurs and bacteria begin to accumulate and multiply within the damaged region. Due to rapid growth, they spread and reach the roots; and that’s when you need to treat it right away. If left untreated, chances are you will go through tooth decay that you surely do not want to happen. That’s how important root canal treatment is!

How the Root Canal Treatment is Performed?

It is a step-by-step procedure, but it’s a simple process to be followed.

Removal of the Pulp

First, your endodontist will remove the pulp that is infected or inflamed inside the tooth. However, he needs to locate it carefully before eliminating it so that he reaches the right place.

Cleaning of the Tooth

Once the infected pulp is removed, s/he will clean the infected area of the tooth. Due to the accumulation of bacteria, it needs a thorough cleaning.

Disinfecting of the Tooth

Once cleaned, you need deep disinfection because thousands of bacteria lied there and did a lot of damage and dirtiness. Therefore, your tooth needs to be disinfected.

Shaping the Root and Filling the Space

The last step is to shape the root because bacteria must have made it all out of shape. Then, the empty space needs filling and sealing

Where to Get the Root Canal Treatment?

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