Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

A patient of wisdom tooth extraction may experience a toothache or localized pain and swelling and bleeding of the tissue. However, sometimes, they may be completely asymptomatic.

With a proper oral examination and radiographic imaging, the oral surgeon decides the treatment plan. In most cases, the removal of wisdom tooth is performed under local anesthesia in a general dental practice. However, the tooth may be impacted and the dentist might have to perform a small surgery to remove the tooth that is also referred to as surgical extraction. The gum is sutured and post-operative instructions are given along with a Follow-up appointment.

How Wisdom Tooth Extraction is Performed?

A systematical procedure resembling a minor surgery is performed to remove your wisdom tooth. First, your gun needs to be exposed by doing an incision in the gum tissue. Then, the next step is to eliminate the bone that creates blocking in the root of the tooth. As soon that hindrance is removed, it is then easy to divide your tooth into pieces. Since the minute portions are easy to extract, they are then easily removed from your gum.

Why do you Need to Extract Wisdom Tooth?

A wisdom tooth, as long as it does not cause pain or inflammation is harmless and it’s better to let it nestled inside. However, it is sometimes grown awkwardly and causes problems for the surrounding teeth. As a result, the patient feels pain or they also cause swelling sometimes (that’s rare by the way). Therefore, the wisdom tooth needs to be removed right away in order to get the oral health back.

Where to go for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

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